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P&G Coupon Book Has Arrived

I received my P&G coupon book (Year’s worth of savings), after sending in my rebate form.  It looks like three sets of the same coupon for each part of the year.  Not sure I’m super jazzed by it, but there was a coupon for a free 30 points for Pampers Gifts to Grow.  I will post a run down of the coupons if anyone is interested.  Wish there were more soap products in there!

Winner Winner Gluten-free Dinner (sorry Guy :/)

I made a great gf dinner tonight and everyone loved it!  I used this recipe as a guide:

I used 1/4 c. of brown sugar instead of maple syrup because I’m a northerner, and we do love our conrbread sweet!  I did the ‘savory’ dinner version and layered a can of milk ro-tel tomatoes, one can of drained black beans, and a leftover chopped up turkey burger from lunch today.  I baked it up and served it with a bit of sour cream.  The picky two year old gobbled it up.

Target trip – I’m learning how to save a bunch!

My Target receipt

I saved some money today at Target.  I’ve been inspired by couponKatie and Frugalissa.  I’m learning how to use coupons to get the best deals where I shop.  I saved almost 16 dollars with coupons today!

My New Year’s Resolution is to get our finances under control and really save us as much money as possible in the coming year.

Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions!

Happy New Year!