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Hi Everyone – I’ve setup this section of my website to allow Sharon’s friends and family to get updates on her condition. Her neighbor, Vickie, will post updates here and send out notes for her as she asks.

Evening update on 01/28/13

Just got back from the hospital and Sharon looked amazingly well. Pete and I passed each other on the highway and when I got to Sharon’s room, she was asleep. After her nap, she said she felt better because she realized she needed to stay in the hospital. She said she almost had another nasty fall coming out of the hospital bathroom and thank goodness several people were there to catch her – and the light bulb went off – stop fighting it… 

Latest Drs report: the Drs agreed the steroids played a major role in Sharon’s weakness, but they also discovered two other meds were contributing to the issues. One has the side effect of fogginess in the mind and another med also can cause balance issues. They are searching to see what meds can be substituted and if that is not the case, at least reduce the prescription. The other thing that is in question is whether the insurance will pay for Sharon to go across the street and have intense physical therapy for 5-7 days. She really hopes this is approved because she said she is getting spring fever and is ready to work in the yard. If the insurance doesn’t pay for the hospital rehab, then they are sure it will pay for in home therapy. That’s about it for now. Pete is exhausted and heading to bed soon. His brother and Karen arrived safely and will be taking care of him for a few days.

Sharon said I could put her hospital room phone # on the new blog (thanks MaryAnn) – 704-355-2798. But if the hospital rehab is approved tonight or in the morning, she may move across the street and obviously this number will no longer be valid. If that is the case, she will call me and give me the new number to post.

I told Sharon as I left, it was good to see the old Sharon back again!  She has that “HOPE” again. Not sure if Sharon mentioned this to you, but she told me at Christmas time, her word for the New Year is HOPE.

01/28/13 Update on Sharon

Some of you may know Sharon has had a couple of nasty falls in the last week. Pete took her to the ER on Sun night and they ran scans to see if the tumors had changed. Good news is the tumors were identical to the previous scans. The new meds she has been taking for 3 months are working in that respect. Stabilizing the tumors. Came home and on Mon had a fall in the kitchen and gashed her forehead pretty good on the corner of the drawer and she sprang her wrist. (She already had bruises on her face form falling previously.) You know Sharon; she refused to go to the ER. Pete said it took several hours for the bleeding to stop.

Tues night, Sharon was not able to lift herself or walk. No pain. Her body was not working with her mind. The Drs. told Pete to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital downtown. No lights or sirens. This was about 10 pm. They stayed in the ER until 4 am. Ran scans again, thinking the fall may have caused damage or concussion. Scans came back the same as Sun night. X-rayed her wrist and it was a bad sprain. Yesterday, Sharon was fit to be tied. The hospital was supposed to run an MRI early yesterday so they could release her. It was after 4 before they ran the MRI. They wanted to check to see if tumors had developed in her spine or could possibly tell why she could not stand or walk Tues night. When Pete would pull her up, she was dead weight, no control. Her mind was fine. Good news is Sharon was able to walk to the bathroom yesterday with assistance of course, but was able to stand on her own.

Today – Sharon got the results from the MRI and they saw nothing new. Good news, but was hoping something was evident so they would know what was causing Sharon to be so unstable. One of the things that we think may be causing the problem is they reduced her steroids drastically from 8 pills a day to 2. We’re sure they had a reason for doing this, but … They have gradually added the pills back and now she is back up to 8. Maybe, this is what is causing the issue. Maybe it will just take a couple more days for the 8 steroid pills to get in her system.

This morning, they told Sharon she needed to stay in the hospital another day, that she was just too unstable to be released. But she will not hear of it. Flat out refused. J Pete is on the way to the hospital. John and Karen, Pete’s brother and sister in law are on their way to help. I’m glad!!! Pete needs their support as well as ours. This morning he looked so tired and you could tell how stressed he is in his thought process and body language. He is so worried he may not be picking up signals that he should or may not catch Sharon when she falls. He has been a trooper. He is beside Sharon’s every waking moment and yet he feels like he is not doing enough. We need to keep him in our prayers too!

I know Pete and Sharon called Sharon’s parents on Tues (I think it was Tues) to tell them about the falls and give them an update. A big THANKS to Maryann (Sharon’s sister in law – John’s wife) for creating this blog so we can try to keep you up to date as well. Feel free to share this link; we know it’s tough when Sharon’s family and her dearest friends are so far away. And if you are like me, you hate to constantly ask, how’s Sharon – because we know there are some days, they would like to forget reality for a few hours and you don’t want to interrupt that moment.

Updates for Sharon

Hi Everyone – I’ve setup this section of my website to allow Sharon’s friends and family to get updates on her condition.  Her neighbor, Vicki, will post updates here and send out notes for her as she asks.

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